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The Metro Roundtable is the only roundtable not designated out of a natural hydrological river basin. The Metro region's unique needs and water uses necessitated its designation apart from the South Platte River Basin (within which it lies). In 2010, the Denver Metro region had more than 2.6 million residents - about half of the state's population - and by 2050, this number is expected to increase to 4.1 million residents.

It is estimated that the Metro Roundtable will need an additional 183,000 acre feet (AF) to 272,000 AF to meet its 2050 demands with passive conservation included. Additionally, the South Metro area expects it will need approximately 25,900 AF of additional annual supplies to replace non-renewable Denver Basin groundwater.


All Coloradans are encouraged to participate in the basin roundtable process. Contact your basin roundtable for ways to get involved.

The South Platte Basin and Metro Roundtables collaborated to produce a combined Basin Implementation Plan.

Basin Implementation Plan (BIP) Documents:

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