2019 Implementation Working Group


An Implementation Working Group has been organized to help CWCB staff fine tune practical guidance following the Statewide Water Supply Initiative (SWSI) findings and Basin Implementation Plan updates. The group participants (listed here) include representatives from each basin and some IBCC members. Group outputs will be updated under this page as they are developed. Roundtables will be updated by working group representatives according to their normal meeting schedule.

December Informational Call
December 18, 2018

March - Update Framework and Project Tier Matrix
March 19, 2019

All-Chairs Update Call
May 13, 2019

January - Messaging and Communication
January 30, 2019

April - Basin Plan Update Data, Strategies, and Methodologies
April 23, 2019

June - IWG Wrap Up
June 25, 2019

February - Basin Plan Contracting and Project Database Inputs
February 19, 2019

May - Review of IWG Work Products
May 21,2019