Colorado\'s Water Plan was approved by the CWCB Board and delivered to Governor Hickenlooper in November of 2015.To get to that moment, it took thirty months of drafting, eight Basin Implementation Plans, three draft water plans, 30,000 public comments, and many years of discussion among hundreds of groups and stakeholders. The plan was created through a collaborative, grassroots approach that our state has been dedicated to for over a decade. Colorado\'s Water Plan is built on our shared values: a thriving economy, vibrant and sustainable cities, productive agriculture, a strong environment, and a robust recreation industry.

Colorado\'s Water Plan is a roadmap for our state's water future and sets out the objectives, goals, and actions that we need to achieve to meet our projected water needs in a balanced manner. To achieve these goals, it will take action at the state, local, and individual level. All Coloradans have a responsibility to be part of implementing this plan because we all have a role to play to ensure the state's most valuable resource is protected and available for generations to come. Coloradans have been hard at work implementing the plan since its release. And, they will continue to do so for many years to come to ensure our state finds solutions and strategies that balance our diverse water needs and move the state forward together.

Implementation Materials

Ripple Effects: Colorado's Water Plan in Action 2017 (November 2017)

Implementing Colorado's Water Plan Story Map (September 2017)

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